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Learn By Doing

Five key areas in the English curriculum

  • Early reading
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary development and grammar

This important programme is designed to assist children who have been identified early as having reading difficulties. It is also targeted at children who have managed to progress through the school system yet lack any real reading capabilities. This programme takes children right back to the basics of reading and is an intensive intervention programme. An assessment is conducted to determine if this programme is appropriate for your child. Depending on age, children can progress from this programme to the Reading Programme as their reading skills improve.

  • Intensive tutor intervention
  • Lessons targeted at key reading skills
  • Booklet-based activities and homework sheets
  • Computer learning to engage children and accelerate drill

Beyond the Books

English Programme

Future Proof Your Child provides English tutoring for students who are having difficulty in reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and spelling. Development of good English language skills is essential for student success at school and university.

An English tutoring programme may consist of activities to develop…

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing skills

Course highlights:

  • An individually tailored reading programme based on your child’s needs
  • Caring and committed tutors
  • Varied learning activities including the use of written exercises, computer-based activities and teacher interaction
  • Regular and consistent homework to reinforce learning (homework is only half-an-hour per subject)
  • Regular feedback and progress reports to parents

Learn By Doing

English as a Second Language

For school-age children, strong English language skills are essential to fitting in and keeping up in school. This 25-lesson course is specially designed to strengthen spoken English skills and develop written English skills in students who have some English language but are lacking confidence or struggling to keep up with the level of language required for school work. Students learn in a friendly, low-pressure environment using interactive computer drills, worksheets and verbal practice.

Students see rapid benefits in their language skills resulting in…

  • Keeping pace with their schoolwork
  • Ability to participate in classroom discussions
  • Improved social skills and social interaction with other students

Course highlights:

  • Increased vocabulary and comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Teaching of basic English grammar concepts
  • Conversation, speaking in sentences and pronunciation

This course is designed to target…

  • School-age students from upper primary through senior secondary (ages 8 to 18)
  • Students who have some basic English language skills
  • Students whose English skills are insufficient for school integration and learning
  • Students who lack confidence in their spoken and written English (as a second language)

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